HistoryThe Dingras Water District was formed by virtue of Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 59 series of 1982. The Conditional Certificate of Conformance (COC) no. 208 was issued on August 6, 1982 which enable to the district to avail of financial, technical and management advisory assistance from the Local Water Utilities Administration. The creation of the Dingras Water District aims to upgrade the quality of service and develop an adequate potable water supply in the locality.  All facilities of the original Dingras Water System which was then un-operational turned over to the Dingras Water District sometime in 1984. With the turn-over,  The Local Water Utilities Administration the started making a feasibility study of the district’s operation.  The employees were then hard-up in making plans and programs since they were all beginners.  They could not go with the implementation of plans and programs because they had limited resources and capital investments.


Because of limited capital investment, the district requested LWUA a 500,000.00 mini loan  in 1985 to augment the rehabilitation of Magsaysay well, its pumping equipments and facilities as well as the installation of additional pipelines. These programs were completed in the mid part of 1985.  In 1998, the 4 Million loan was finally granted to Dingras Water District,. After a year of rehabilitation and expansion, the District improved a lot in its number of service connections, has reduced its non-revenue water, has facilitated steady growth of billed water, and has greatly improved its manpower productivity.  And the Dingras Water Dsitrict is maintaining 4 pumps which are all equipped with hydro chlorinators in 1985.In 1991  the District has also received P 130,500.00 grant for the rehabilitation of pipelines which was damage by the strong earthquake in July 1990. The balance of which was used to activate another well.


Since the District still, could not fully implement its plans and programs, another half million loan was requested from LWUA for expansion program.  With said expansion, the number of meterd service connection gradually increased from 151 to 673 in 1993. With the present number of connections, the District incurs 63% non-revenue water.  In order to solve the problem, the Dingras Water District made plans on how to reduce the percentage of non-revenue water. It was found out that the old GI pipes needs to be replaced as they are already rusty.  This eventually causes leaks and thereby increases non-revenue water. In 1996 the District requested a 4 Million loan from LWUA for the replacement of GI pipes and expansion project in different Barangays like Parado, Medina, Bungcag and Suyo. Drilling programs were also proposed to improve water access to 24-hour water supply.


In 1998, the 4 million loan was finally granted to the District. After a year of rehabilitation and expansion and the District improved its service connection, reduce non-revenue water and has greatly improved its manpower productivity.  In September 25, 2002 , their was public hearing presented to increase water rates, expenditures and new amortization rates. And the said water rates presented and approved during the public hearing.  Then the Board of Directors of Dingras Water District  passed a resolution requesting LWUA to implement the new water rates. And the new water rates increased was then approved by the Board of Trustees under LWUA BOARD RES. No. 278 s. 2002. Then the Dingras Water District has ongoing expansion project of 5 Million for construction and  interconnection in Barangay  Albano, to Barangay Root and Sulquiano Dingras, Ilocos Nortes. As to the financial capability of the District has been Survived for existence as a self-reliant despite the fact that we belong to a small water districts category.



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